About Sisnet

About Sisnet

Established in 2004, PT Sisnet Mitra Sejahtera has delivered solutions to fulfill the customers IT needs ever since.


Today Information Technology plays a significant role in helping industries to grow and expand rapidly. Its ability to help businesses grow at an unimaginable pace has made it a key to progress.
Choosing the information technology that will most effectively serve your business is one of the most critical decisions a company’s executives have to make.


On-premise IT infrastructure typically involves big investment, and over capacitated, because it must last for 3-5 years at least. Servers and storage are provisioned and oversized to ensure the business does not complain about performance. This condition resulting in over provisioned and underutilized resources, which cost could be 3-5 times more.

Another cost of building and operating IT infrastructure also have to be considered. Besides, typically administrators / operators of data center reactive to operational incidents, when systems fail, they need too long to fix it and to find the root cause, while the business suffers from downtime.

Our Solution

A public Cloud Service provider delivering IT infrastructure services a SLA uptime guarantee, and they focus on investment dedicated to a 99.99%+ uptime is enormous. All of their services can be subscribed as operational expenditure (Op-Ex) instead of capital expenditure (Cap-Ex).

Sisnet knows well that transition from on-premise infrastructure to combined/fully Cloud based is not an easy task. Its experiences for years in Information Technology and its synergistic lines of business makes and become your best partner in providing Cloud migration, hybrid Cloud implementation, Disaster Recovery on Demand solution and Local technical support services.

We providing consultancy to customer on how to utilize the full benefit of Cloud, such as Containerization and Micro services. Which according to Gartner’s report, by 2022 more than 75% of organizations globally will be running containerized applications. Where Kubernetes is increasingly becoming the de-facto standard with more software and applications workloads moving into containers.

Why Choose Us

With all its experiences, capabilities and resources, PT. Sisnet Mitra Sejahtera is ready to offer products and solutions to meet client’s Information Technology needs.

We are a group of IT professionals and technicians who are specialized in the enterprise Infrastructure & Software Tech.

We take the business of developing and products maintenance that create long-term solutions and happier customer.

Infrastructure Specialist
Excellent Customer Support
On-Time Delivery
Cost Effective Solutions